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  AISD Vietnamese Dual Language       Program


  • Students perform as well as or better than non-dual language students on standardized tests administered in English.

  • Students participating in dual language programs close the achievement gap that currently exist between English language learners and general education students.

  • Students typically develop greater cognitive flexibility, demonstrate increased attention control, display better memory, and exercise superior problem solving skills.

  • Students develop their abilities to work successfully in a multi-cultural setting and better prepared for the global community and job markets where a second language is an asset.

  • Students show positive attitudes and respect towards other cultures. They maintain self-esteem through the respect and appreciation of their native language and culture.

  • Students offer a culturally diverse experiences to help better the school community.



Instructional Model 

  • The Vietnamese Dual Language students will participate in a rigorous academic program that follows the AISD academic standards and curriculum. The instruction model follows a block schedule where students are given instruction in Vietnamese half of the time and in English the other half.
    The students will be placed in a Dual Language classroom. All students from Pre-K to 5th grade will learn: 

  • Social Studies and Math (Language of instruction - in Vietnamese)

  • English Language Arts and Science (Language of instruction - in English)

  • Language of the day and daily language development in Vietnamese 


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